Portfolio of Margus Tamm

The X-Files

[ Registry of the Nineties ]

The X-Files (Salatoimikud) is an exhibition that tries to delve into the more cryptic, overshadowed and lost aspects of the otherwise quite canonised 1990s Estonian contemporary art scene.
Graphic design makes a reference to 1990s disruptive design, emerging from post-rock subcultural scenes. Particularly to David Carson's (in)famous interview with Bryan Ferry from 1994 and to Estonia's cult post-rock band Metro Luminal's cassette sleeve from 1995, both of which replaced the the readable text with cryptic digital pictograms. In the case of X-Files, the Wingdings dingbat font is used – as it is an all-time favorite of the paranoia and conspiracy theoreticians. Exhibition headline and chapter names are revealed both in Latin alphabet and in dingbats; the entrance's wall exposes the pictogram-pattern which is actually a fully encrypted essay, amiable to be read by anyone who can decipher it.

Curators: Eha Komissarov, Anders Härm
Exhibition Architects: Molumba
Art Museum of Estonia

Awards: Estonian Design Aeards: gold